Mk + emm + emh

Can’t figure out how to divide MK on our upcoming trip. We will have two days…one with EMM and a second with morning EMH. I feel like both EMM and EMH are FL and TL focused so I’m trying to figure out how to divide up Liberty Square, Frontierland and Adventureland over the two days. Our goal is to be heading out of the park by 3 each day. Anyone have any ideas?

I can’t remember where, maybe Kenny the Pirate, but one of the bloggers has detailed rope drop plans for after EMM. I’d start by looking there, see which plan makes the most sense, then do the rest on the EMH day. Between EMM (and it’s subsequent rope drop) and EMH you should be able to cover a ton before even using any FPs.

I usually split the park over 2 days with one day being half of Lib Sq (from HM) and FL, and TL and the other half being the other half of Lib Sq (Muppets/HOP and Adventureland and Frontierland

This sounds good! Would you then skip EMH on the second day since it’s just FL and TL since we will likely hit both of those lands on our EMM day? Also, do you backtrack to other lands for FPs throughout the day or just stick to one side of the park?

I probably would do that. No sense in arriving for EMH when you can’t access the things you want to do. I might consider arriving partway through that EMH though to get on the ropes for the other side of the park once it opens. May as well use the advantage to some extent.

As to FPP I would try to keep to the side of the park I’m on, at least until I’ve accomplished what I want in that area. Then might consider the other side if time allowed.

Ok, great. This makes loads more sense and allows me to let go of doing as many things as possible just because time might allow for us to do so. I’d really love to avoid criss crossing. We did a lot of that last trip and that walk to Frontierland multiple times in one day is exhausting.

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