MK EMH plan

I’m very excited about my upcoming trip in April and have been thinking allot about our final day at MK. I’m traveling with my wife, mother in law and 4 year old, none of them really enjoy or are able to go on the bigger thrill rides. This is the day I’m able to go off on my own on some of those.

Here’s my plan which I’m hoping to get feedback on. Do the 0700 RD for EMH and go straight to BTMRR then Splash mtn and if time allows haunted mansion.

We all have FPP for Buzz at 0800, then I have FPP for Space mt alone at 0900. We then have breakfast at BOG at 0950 followed by all if us riding 7DMT at 1100 with FPP.

Needless to say I’m excited and can’t wait!

Sounds like a great plan. I bet you’ll be able to repeat BTMRR a couple times if you want.

Is BTMRR open during EMH? correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like it was open during the evening hours, but not the morning?

You are correct, only Fantasyland and Tomorrowland are open for EMH. No BTMR, Splash or HM until 8am. @ryanjagel if I were you I would go to Space first at 7am. At 7:45ish head over to the hub and go to BTMR and Splash right at 8. Change your Space FP for something else, maybe HM or a repeat ride on BTMR.

Do’h! I did not realize that frontierland wasn’t open for EMH. Thanks for the info, I’ll have to discuss with the rest of the crew to figure out my plan of action. I did see FPP for both splash and BTMRR for 0800

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Oh, I didn’t even think about that. Oops. What I did was essentially RD Frontierland from Fantasyland as EMH is ending. We still got to do BTMRR two or three times and Splash once before the crowds got there.

Alright after further review I have decided to try and RD space mountain, then hit Buzz right after, FPP for BTMRR at 800 then ??? Keeping 2nd space mtn FPP for 900 for now at least.

What’s the procedure for 2nd RD? Is that the proper term lol?