MK EMH advice

I am planning on doing EMH in May. It starts at 9:00. How crowded is it earlier in the evening? Should I plan on staying at a different part until around 8 or so?

You are planning on doing extra magic hours, where the park is open for two hours to all on-site guests?


Are you asking about staying somewhere in MK or should that say park?

The crowd at 9 will not be much less than 8. Usually the crowds will be lower the last hour.

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oops! I meant park. We will be at Animal Kingdom most of the day and will take a break. I was wondering if we went back around 6 if we should go to a different park and hop over to MK and get there just before 9

If you are returning to a park after a break I would stick with MK. Before you leave AK you can make a FP at MK for your return.

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When we did EMH at MK in the evening last May I found that the first hour really didn’t seem all that different. Most people had gotten into lines before the park closed, so it wasn’t a drastic difference in crowd size from 8-10 on the popular rides like SM

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