MK Electrical Parade AND Electrical Parade for MNSSHP?

Hello - I will be there 6 nights 9/24 - 10/1 — doing the Halloween party one of evenings – so will see the Halloween Electrical Parade, and Hallowishes. Definitely want to block out another MK evening for Celebrate the Magic and Wishes - but do I need to try to squeeze in the traditional Electrical Parade too, or is the Halloween Electrical Parade enough of a similar experience that there is no need to do both?? I want to do Illuminations, HS Fireworks and ROL - if available - so can’t spend too many nights at MK?

Any advise is welcomed - thanks!!

MSEP is very different from the Boo to You parade. How important it is is up to you and your family. For some MSEP is very imoortant. For me not so. I am more into FoF parade.

You can youtube each parade and decide if you wish to see MSEP or not. You can do it on the same night you watch wishes.

just like Jedilogray said, The Main Street Electrical Parade is very different from the MNSSHP Boo To You Halloween parade. The Boo to You parade I think is my favourite parade after FoF. the MSEP is worth seeing if you’re likely never going back to Disney again. Youtube both of them and see if there’s one you would prefer to see over the other. If you have the chance to do both on 2 separate evenings do it. If you only have time to do one I would choose Boo to You, but that’s just me :blush: