MK EE & G+ First LL Strategy Help Needed!

We’re going on our first trip to MK in a couple weeks on a Tuesday (2/28) and will use EE and G+. We plan to first hit 7DMT at EE instead of doing an ILL. I’m trying to figure out what makes the most sense for our first G+ reservation at ~7am.

Should we book JC or PPF? Wondering if we should do JC LL at 7am and go to PPF right after 7DMT waiting in hopefully a shorter standby line? Or should we book PPF at 7am and hopefully get a morning return time and stay on that side of MK for the morning and then book G+ JC at 11am for an afternoon return time (unless we can hit JC rope drop after finishing 7DMT)? Appreciate any suggestions!

Welcome to chat! Either of those options would work, it really depends on your personal preference. I see that’s a predicted CL5 day, so you should have a relatively easy time touring MK with G+.

I think I would personally go for the 7DMT + PPF plan, and book my first LL for JC. If you want to be certain to be at the front of the pack for 7DMT rope drop, plan to leave your resort room around 90 min before EE to be on the first bus, and near the front of taps/security when they open around 45-60 min before official start of EE. Scan in for EE and line up with the crowd at Cheshire Cat Cafe (we always pack snacks for this wait and use it to apply sunscreen) until they drop the rope exactly at opening time. Be prepared for the crowd to surge and speed walk, but even if some people pass you as long as you’re within the first few rows at Cheshire Cat Cafe you’ll be able to get onto 7DMT with a 5-10 min wait. Be aware that 7DMT prone to delayed openings, so think about whether you are willing to wait for that if it happens or if you prefer to pivot to another attraction (PPF being the obvious choice).

As long as you were near the front of the pack for 7DMT, I would not expect PPF to be longer than 20 min wait on a CL5 day.

Once you’ve done PPF, you could stay in Fantasyland to take advantage of the still-short lines, or alternatively line up near the Tangled Toilets for a second rope drop in Adventureland or Frontierland, e.g. BTMR and PoC before heading to your first LL at Jungle Cruise (maybe grab HM or SM once you tap in, depending on your priorities, or grab-and-tap for a few rides that still have very short return times at this time of the day if you didn’t knock those out before?)


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Just due to the fact that they’re close to each other, I agree with the 7DMT (at the front of the pack) then PPF, then anything else nearby you want to do before your first LL at JC.


Thank you both for the thoughtful advice! We really appreciate it!!