MK Early Entry/Extended Hours Transportation for Wilderness Lodge

My family and I are staying at the Wilderness Lodge this coming April and I have two questions on transportation. For early entry into the Magic Kingdom, my understanding is that the red flag boat does not start until 30-45 minutes before the park opens, I don’t believe that this includes the early start. Is my best bet taking the bus or taking the blue flag boat that starts at 6:45 AM and walking from the Contemporary to the Magic Kingdom? Last time I was at Disney was 2018 and we used Minnie Vans to make sure we got there quickly. My second question is if we go to extended park hours do the boats continue to operate until after extended hours have ended or do you have to take a bus after that?

There have been reports that the boats are starting in time for early entry. There are also buses.

The boat to CR (aka the breakfast boat) and FW is still not running (we were just there Jan 20-26). Just the boat to MK. The boats do seem to run early (based on the horn noise outside our nature view room) but I wasn’t timing specifically. Boat times don’t show on the app, but bus times do and were pretty accurate so you would be able to check bus times when you are getting ready. The buses came just as often for MK as for other parks, in case you were worried that they don’t send them when there is another mode of transport to MK.

On non-extended evening hours days I want to say that the boat captain specified that the last boat leaves at 10pm (for 9pm close). Not sure about extended evening hours, but the docks are right at the exit so in the event you walk there to find that the boats don’t run that late, you wouldn’t be adding steps or double backing to walk over to the bus stops.

Have fun!!!

On Touring Plan’s planning tool, WDW Chat, subscribers are reporting the WL boats are leaving about an hour prior to ETPE.

Lines chat user @popupcamper created a spreadsheet that was printed in the 2022 Unofficial Guide that others have added their resort transportation times to.

You can always pop in and ask for the latest departure times. It’s a good place for on the ground intel.

Just scroll down to WDW Planning, then click WDW Chat.

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Thanks for posting the spreadsheet again @MeetMeAtThePoly, I think it is the most linked tool both here and on chat.

Since it is a Google sheet, if you have the Google sheet app on your device it automatically saves and updates.

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