MK early closing dates 2022

A heads up that MK will be closing @ 4:30pm on:

Jan 25th - in calendar as early closing
Feb 8th - opening hours not yet showing

These are the Celebration events for CMs who have a service milestone. The January date is for 2020, the February date is for 2021.

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One idea mentioned on the Disboards is for those with park hoppers, that might be a good MK park reservation day. Since those without hoppers will mostly avoid MK that day. The reverse of avoiding the one park that had early entry.


Thanks, I was wondering what they were closing early for and now I know :wink:

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Yes same thinking as going to MK on party days when it closes early.


I just switched my Feb 8th reservation that day to MK. The day before had been MK, so I’ll want to switch it once I figure out what to switch it to. I am so glad we have park hoppers. It makes these park reservations much lower stake.

Do the deluxe evening hours effect the morning or afternoon crowds either way? Assuming it does, I’ll need to include that in my plans.

I am making plans on the assumption that at some point I won’t be able to change park reservations to any park. Since we’ll be there early Feb that is unlikely. But, if Disney were smart they’d schedule staff based on park reservations, and then yank excess park reservations once that is done. The idea being that true capacity is less with less staff.