MK Early Close 5/15-will fireworks happen?

Wondering if anyone has insight as to whether when MK closes 5/15 at 4:30 for the cast member event, will a fireworks show happen at the usual time? Trying to plan a strategic adr for across-lagoon viewing.

They normally do fireworks, but not sure the time. Someone here will post as soon as they find out though I’m sure.

There will not be any fireworks for day guests at MK on 5/15. They will have them, that night, during the event for CMs celebrating 10+ years of service.

If you want to see fireworks that night you’ll need to go to a different park

OP wants to watch them from across the lagoon.

Thanks! I wasn’t quite sure what the “scramble across the lagoon” meant!

Personally, if you’re not going to be inside the park I don’t understand the appeal of the fireworks. I see others watching them from rooftops / bars and I don’t get it. Seeing them with no sound or music / images and from really far away doesn’t do much for me. (But…I’m sure kids still like seeing it anyway!)

Quite a few places play the soundtrack while you watch. Poly beach and Cali Grill do. Not sure if FW does.
I’ve always wanted to give it a go from CG.

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I have a kid with sensory sensitivities and the huge crowds are an issue, that’s why we don’t mind the distance away

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They are great from Cali Grill! We’ve done that sans kids. Projections aren’t the same of course but still a good show (this was HEA).

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Would you expect they’d still be at the same time as on a “normal” night? Right now they are at 8 for a 9 closing time, but this will be May after daylight savings kicks in so I would guess they’d be closer to 9 by then to have darkness.

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I would be guessing.
I don’t really know anything about CM events.