MK during the day on a MVMCP day - good or bad idea?

Going to WDW during the holidays. What is the best strategy? Should I go to MK on MVMCP days or avoid them like the plague? I was wondering if the crowds were lighter during the day or is it actually busier.

Crowds are usually lighter on MVMCP days b/c the park closes (to non party guests) at 7 pm! You could call it an early night, have dinner somewhere or if you have park hopper, go elsewhere at 7!

We went this past December, and crowds seemed to be lighter on the party days, until about 4, when the people with party tickets can start getting in. It was a little busy trying to get out of the park after 4. We would go the park for the morning, and leave about 3 and take a break at our resort then choose another park for the evening. It meant more days at Magic Kingdom to be able to do everything, but there was just two of us and we had the park hopper, so it worked out ok.

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Thanks for the information. We will have park hopper. I like the idea of leaving and going to another park around 4.

You should def do MK on party days as people do avoid them for the early hours which means on non party days it tends to be much busier than usual. Just be sure to get out before 4 when the tsunami hits lol.

As stated above, we were in park on a MVMCP day (which was also, IIRC, a parade taping day!) and we enjoyed a lovely day with what felt like lower crowds.

General wisdom is that the crowds are lower on party days - not my first-hand experience. Whatever you do, if you DO go on a party day, plan on leaving between 4:00 and 5:00. We made the mistake of staying until 6:30, and it was the worst WDW experience that I’ve ever had.