MK Dinner ADR on 9/27

I’m trying to make ADRs for dinner in MK on 9/27. The latest ANY restaurant in MK will let you make reservations for is 2:30. I thought I had mixed up MNSSHP dates, but I double checked and there is no party this day. Any insight on why this could be??

I don’t think you can make ADR’s yet for 9/27/2018. More than 180 days out. Sept 17 is as far as I can see that you could make them at this time.

I have a two week stay so I can book 10 days past my check in date, so I can see that date

I saw on another site for same day in 2017, the following: “MK closes early that day for the the annual Cast Member service anniversary party.” bummer. But then I checked official hours for september, 2017 and it was open until 9???