MK Dining

Oh nuts, I swore I wouldn’t change my plans with less than 7 days to go…
I was just reading a new blog post and saw the lunch/dinner food pics from CP and am doubting our reservation there. We’ve always gone for breakfast and loved it. We added it in as a last minute since DS4 is obsessed with Pooh. Had I known about the Park fare breakfast (we’ve always done dinner) I would have made a reservation for that but it wont work into our plans at this point.
SO, I’m thinking getting rid of CP dinner b/c the food looks meh…
We are leaving MK right after dinner so should we give Plaza a try? Will have had CRT for breakfast so don’t want another bank breaker. It’s either that or we head back to the Poly and have Capt Cooks for dinner again, which may not be a bad thing…

We ate there once for dinner a few years ago and it was pretty terrible. The food is just not good. Barely saw our server, after initial drinks never saw her again. It’s an expensive meal, I would cancel it and meet Pooh somewhere else if possible.

We enjoyed lunch there, and we had a really good server. We met lots of characters, but it took about an hour for them to get to our table. We didn’t mind the wait because of the heat outside, so that worked in our favor.

IMO if you think CP looks “meh” you will not be wowed by The Plaza. Our sandwiches/fries/shakes were good there, but nothing special and nothing we can’t get at home at a similar type restaurant. If you really want to cancel CP, you could go to Capt Cooks as you say, or you could go one stop further to Gasparilla Grill and then walk back “home” after. Or better yet, why not Geyser Point?

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I was contemplating whispering canyon or somewhere at GF so may show menus to DH and see what he thinks. I didn’t think I’d be blown away at The Plaza but seems to be another beloved classic so thought perhaps try it versus the $$$ of CP. Just think the offerings aren’t going to appeal to my group, they seem to do better with breakfast buffets or TH lunch/dinner.

Meh. I don’t think so, personally.

:slight_smile: that’s us with Tony’s and Liberty Tree

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We had a pleasant dinner at CP, although that was a few year’s back - prefer breakfast & it wasn’t a special dinner, but it wasn’t bad food wise. I’d rate it as solid food with the character bonus honestly.

Now since you’re leaving MK after dinner, I’d just leave before dinner and eat somewhere on the monorail loop or WL that appeals. Lots of very good restaurant options to choose from that are easy to get to from MK and if you’ll be done with MK before dinner, you’re not tied into staying within the park at all.

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Whispering Canyon is fun and the food is decent. The CM interaction with kids is great!

I will say the flatbreads at Capt. Cook’s are pretty good.

The pulled pork sandwich is great at Capt Cooks, as well as the thai meatballs (I think thats what they are called)

We are staying at the poly so we’ll be having a few meals there I imagine. Gotta include the nachos too! :slight_smile:


How long are you there? I arrive at poly on 4/21 around noon

We leave mid-afternoon Friday the 20th

Think we’re going to shoot for Whispering Canyon but if things get hairy with the kids that afternoon we’ll hit somewhere in MK or head back to the hotel. Sigh, wish CP dinner was as good as breakfast :confused:

Sad trombones

Always the way. We did get to add a day to the beginning of our trip thanks to the tip of flying out of Providence though!

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