MK Dessert party question

We are doing a dessert party at MK during our trip in November. For the holidays they do ‘Frozen Holiday Wish’ castle lighting at 7:15. Report time for the party is 7:45. So you think we can check in early and watch the castle lighting at the party?


No idea but I’m bumping for you. Somebody here knows this!

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If not, you’ll certainly be in the right place to take it in. I’m betting they won’t start letting folks in much before 1945

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I checked in for my desert party a couple of weeks ago about 15 minutes early and it was already half way filled. If I remember correctly though, Anna and Elsa (maybe Olaf too?) come out onto the castle stage for the lighting and there is some dialog for a little while? You will not be able to hear/see any of that from the dessert party.

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Thanks. It sounds like we should plan for being closer to the castle then. I know my DD3 will want to see Elsa!