MK Dec. 20

I’m starting to panic and second-guess this park choice. I am only visiting for a long weekend, and decided to avoid 12/19 in MK because it is the first non-party day after a stretch of them. However, I am seeing lots of dining options available in MK on 12/19, so I’m wondering if it would have been better than 12/20? Everything seems to be booked solid on 12/20, but there are still several lunch options and a couple of dinner options on 12/19. I’m obviously kind of locked in by FPs at this point (have 7dmt, for example), but I’m wondering if I should be kicking myself for picking the wrong MK day.

I’m not sure how good of a proxy ADR availability is for park “crowdedness”. At this point, I would stick with the date you have planned for, especially since you have good FPPs. Have a good TP (which is 5 times more important than picking the “right” day per the TP gurus) and you should have a great time!

I actually think you may be right that the ability to get ADRs may mean as of today less people are planning to be there. I think so much can change between now and then- just plan for the crowds and enjoy!