MK Day 3 (Day 10 of 10 - 9/16/19) - the last day!

Quick stats:

  • 10 ppl in group. 2 adults + 8 kids (17yo - 4yo)
  • Off site guest
  • RD - 10pm touring plan

Here is what we did:

Planned to RD splash, but again it was down. Also, RD via adventureland and through RR. Beat the hub people. See my “MK 2” trip report for more details on RD-ing frontierland.

  1. BTMR x2
  2. HM
  3. WtP
  4. Gaston’s - cinnamon roll, lefou brew
  5. Under the sea
  6. TTA
  7. CoP
  8. Space Mtn - a/cs really blowing, lot of wind in here in today
  9. First Aid - DD10 had issues in SM. Thought she swallowed something on SpaM. think it was air
  10. SotK - frontierland
  11. pin trading
  12. Columbia Harbour House - did mobile ordering, was so slow. should have stayed in line.
  13. Pirates adv x2= got FPP (use different MB to lead group)
  14. PotC
  15. Storybook treats
  16. PP - fpp
  17. Philharmagic
  18. Tom sawyer island
  19. Splash FPP
  20. Christmas store
  21. Sleepy hallow - chicken+waffles, fruit/waffles/choc - all excellent.
  22. tried TTA - down
  23. Tried Buzz - FPP line out the door, not moving
  24. Sotk adventureland
  25. Potc FPP
  26. JC Fpp
  27. Buzz fpp
  28. IASW fpp
  29. watched HEA from fantasyland
  30. OUAT

Park felt way more crowded than previous weeks. Got use to Dorian crowds - or lack thereof haha.

Good day. Good pace. No rush. Got to do all the faves and some diversions.

FYI: you need to sit at OUAT. Guests (not CMs) chanting loudly to sit – really, really disruptive. Considering WDW and safety, i am surprised at the sitting. We we up front by the castle. Great viewing.