MK Day 2 (Day 6 of 10 - 9/10/19)

Quick stats:

  • 10 ppl in group. 2 adults + 8 kids (17yo - 4yo)
  • Off site guest
  • RD - 6pm touring plan (closed early due to MNSSHP)

Here is what we did:

  1. BTMR x2
    (Splash was down - original plan after BTMR)
  2. PotC
  3. Alladin
  4. JC - FPP
  5. Enchanted Tiki Room
  6. Dapper Dans
  7. SotK setup
  8. Crystal palace @ 1020
  9. Liberty boat
  10. HM FPP
  11. Philharmagic
  12. Muppets History
  13. Hall of Prez
  14. Festival of Fantasy parade @ hall of prez (at turn-ish)
  15. Country Bear Jamboree
  16. Dole whips :slight_smile:
  17. Tom Sawyer Island
  18. Splash mtn (anytime fpp)
  19. Pirates adventure - 3 of them - got FPP after 2)
  20. TTA
  21. Space Mtn

Talked to GS, converted the PotC FPP from pirates adventure into FPP at HS the next day.

We lined up for RD at adventureland and cut thru the restrooms to hit BTMR. Even the CMs said to do this. We beat the people from hub RD. Actually we did this a 2nd time (diff day) and beat them again. This is the way to go. CMs held us there until hub people caught up to us. they walked us to BTMR because Splash was down. We were on the 2nd train. Just dropped off stroller across one of the sections as we headed toward queue.

Dole Whips still great!

Ended up catching the Dapper Dans show with the people of main street. It was fun. If limied on time skip, if you have multiple days like me, nice to watch.

We never did SotK today, but saved it for our 3rd day there.

Due to low crowd levels, we jumped around our TP becuase of ease. e.g. Libterty Boat was pulling out in 1 minute when we walked by so we jumped on it versus waiting for later.

Kids REALLY like Tom Sawyer Island. So much so, they voted to go there again on Day 3 MK instead of other rides/shows. Lots of places to run, jump, explore. They played tag, chase, etc. Note: the restrooms in the fort are air conditioned. refreshing!

On Pirates adventure- kids can keep map and the successful completion card. Nice souvenir. I have a set too.