MK Day 1 TP Plan

I’ve been scouring these boards for the past 8 months and we are down to the last 2 weeks of planning. I feel I may have missed something along the lines. I’ve created my own plan with tips and tricks from you and evaluated. I’ve copied the plan and Optimized. MY plan seems to make more sense then the optimized one. Could you evaluate for me please and let me know what you think? What am I missing if optimizing is supposed to save you time? In addition, what should DH and DS12 do while we are having our Little Mermaid time? TIA!

Your links aren’t working. :slight_smile:

Hmm…I did check the publish box and they worked for me. Thanks anyway.

The touring plan is supposed you time waiting in line. I have many other priorities (such as not walking all over the park) so rely heavily on “evaluate” over “optimize”. If you like your plan go for it! On a different note, I often copy a plan and then use that copy to play around with the order (in a way that makes sense to me). Sorry I can’t follow your link but hope this helps!

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