Mk dah tp


I am just full of questions tonight. Sorry.

Our one day at MK will be capped off with DAH 8p-11p. I’m trying to figure out the most effective way to manage those three hours. We will have been at MK all day and hit all the headliners except PP so all of DAH is for repeats and reveling in the low crowds. We will watch OUAT then scoot out of the hub before HEA. I figured we can see the fireworks burst overhead while we make our way to some rides. I want to maximize party time rather than hang in the hub with the crowd.

I have seen some people say head right to 7DMT in case it goes down later in the night. I have seen some people say wait and go later because the lines will decrease. Some people say hit the mountains and the rest is gravy. Some people say work your way land to land as crisscrossing takes up a lot of valuable party time.

So, WWLD (What Would Len Do)?


Wander around. I’ve seen many photos and videos. There is absolutely no need to have any kind of a plan whatsoever. It’s all a walk on, or very nearly so.


PS I will report back at the end of the week. We are going for Valentines Day


When we did DAH at MK, we didn’t have a plan. Everything was less than a 10 minute wait so there really wasn’t much planning needed. Just enjoy!


Oh! I cannot wait for your report! I am going the next week.


Excellent! This makes me feel like I made the right choice adding DAH to our jam packed week. I love the idea of some Disney time with no plan.

@Dreamer did you ride PP during DAH? Do you remember if you used the FP or the SB entrance? I don’t really want to stand in a 90 minute line during the day but I’d love to see the new SB queue.


Yes, we did and it went through the SB queue–which I loved because I don’t tend to ride it unless we have a FP since the lines tend to be long.


Thank you!! I gave up my prime time PP FP (right before lunch at BOG) so that I could see the SB queue.


Can’t wait to hear! We will be there on 2/21 and will be starting our vacation off with this :grinning:


And you can RRRRREALLY check out the queue too. When I did DAH, i must’ve spent like a good 20 minutes just looking at the queue and playing with the shadows. Heheh then got to the front of the line and the CM asked “how many?” and I just responded “oh, none, i just wanted to look at the queue” and she directed me out the side exit.

It was fantastic.


Just did it last week, I agree with everyone else don’t have a plan. Everything is a walk on except 7dmt, but if you had a FP earlier in the day that is no problem. if you want to ride again wait till a little later in the night. Some of what I did in the 3 hrs: PP, WTP, Dumbo, Alladin Carpets, POCx2, HMx2, Buzzx4, small world, People mover. Also had to bags of popcorn, 3 mickey bars and 3 bottles of soda.
One suggestion I would make is make your way to the back of the park and get on Big thunder just in time to see the fireworks while riding. It was awesome, when you get off you can watch the rest of the fireworks from the picture spot by the exit. They are almost right overhead from there.


I hadn’t thought of this: DAH is a great opportunity to walk through the SB lines for the rides we usually would only FPP.


That is so cool!! Family is way less excited about the new queue than I am so I may send them off to ride something while I explore. Did that at Forbidden Journey in Universal when they still had the castle tour line open. I love how well Disney does all the details when they put an effort into the theming.


I will definitely start at BTMRR, then. That sounds fantastic. Thank you!


Good plan.


Great tip!


Did you head that way right at regular park closing?


I will be there that night too!


Yes I made my way back about 7:45, I actually had a FP from 7-8pm. The wait time was 25 mins. but I tapped in at 7:55 which got me on just in time. I did the same thing back in January, but then the wait time was just 10 mins. Went thru standby at about the same time and was on the ride just in time for the fireworks.


We should definitely try to connect to at least say ‘hi!’ :grin:

We’re flying in on that day and hoping for no delays. We plan on dumping our stuff at AKL and hurrying over to MK to hopefully catch HEA and get a jump on things.