MK Crowd Level a 2 on EMH day?

So from what I’ve been reading, you will want to avoid the park with the EMH. But I’m seeing a CL of 2 at MK when they have EMH in the evening. Is that CL likely to change as we get closer?

Go for it! Run don’t walk to a CL 2. Enjoy. I don’t think it makes much sense to always follow that EMH rule. I don’t fully understand it actually. EMH is always a good deal in the morning in terms of crowds. Hoping to an evening EMH works too as crowds tend to leave after evening spectaculars. And, anyway, all of the above is mute at a CL2.

What is the day that you are seeing a CL2? Depending on how far out it is, you could expect it to change.

It’s February 15th, a Wednesday. And I was thinking the same thing…we are still pretty far out.