MK Crowd Level 1...Still Need FP?

So I’m planning a one day trip to MK with my mom and sister. The crowd level for that day is a 1! We are planning to purchase our tickets once we arrive just in case weather is bad or plans change therefore we are not planning to reserve any FPs in advance. Any big problems with that? Since the crowd level is low, I thought we would be okay. TouringPlans predicts we will stand in line for 7DMT for 30 min without a FP.

What time is that 30 minute wait? Once you get your tickets I would book FPs that day.

TP recommends we ride 7DMT when we first get there. That’s when the 30 min wait is. I do plan to see what FP are available once we buy our tickets (probably the day before we go to MK). I usually plan for a WDW trip many months in advance and since this is a last minute decision I wasn’t sure how it would go :slight_smile:

Of course this depends on when your trip is but know that CL’s can change depending on if Disney decides to add/change an event or if your trip is far out. Park hours can change, etc. I’d still book FP’s if I could just for sake of not waiting in a 30 minute line if the option is there. That’s just what I would do though.

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If you arrive before park opening that 30 minutes would be a good projection.

I am sure 7dmt FFP’s will be all gone, so hitting that at RD makes sense, however, I would really try to book my next 3 favorite attractions as early as 9, 10, and 11am… just so you don’t have to wait in line at all. Peter Pan, and Belle, as well as the Mountains will have small waits no matter what time… so any amount of time saved is worth taking a look. If you get there and there are no lines on anything…then good for you, but I would rather plan if planning is possible.

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Don’t forget that even with a CL of 1, there may still be lines. WDW might not have as many ride cars working or shut off half of a double track, for example. They don’t need to have as many CMs working if there aren’t as many people. This could affect your line-up time, particularly if there ends up being more people than anticipated.