MK closing two days in a row at 6pm, why?

Any guesses as to why MK would close at 6pm two days in a row in August? My updated touring plans show the 6pm closure for Thursday August 13 and Friday August 14?

Halloween parties, though they usually start on a Friday.


I’ll guess…either private or CM Halloween Party, the night before the first MNSSHP

Just got the touringplans email that the Friday the 14th hours have been updated to stay open until 9:00 PM. This throws a bit of a wrench in my plans, I was hoping for a lighter day due to the Halloween party, it was originally rated as a 3 but I would have to assume it goes higher now. Do you believe that the Thursday that was a 5 will now go down since the park is closing at 6 instead of nine and that Friday will go up from a 3? I might switch some days around if so. Or is it possible the change hours again prior to this and it ends up still closing at 6?

Maybe the Halloween party is on the Thursday, that one still has a 6pm closure. Time changes impact where I put our hard to get dinner reservations…our window opens shortly.