MK closing early on 10/22 but no MNSSHP?

I just noticed that there is no MNSSHP scheduled for 10/22, but park hours say MK closes at 6pm. We are planning on going that day bc the CL is low (and we have 2 combined days at MK this trip).

Does anyone know why that would be? I’m assuming there’s some other event that night that is closed to the public. I ask bc one year at DL something similar happened and it ended up being filming for a TV special. While the lines for rides that were open were short, they shut down almost half the park!

Early close nights are great for low crowds and short lines. It seems like everyone leaves after the midday parade, and with this one you won’t even have to worry about the flood of Halloween party-goers taking advantage of the early park entry.

2 years ago the park closed at 6pm one night in November for an event for cast members who were having milestone anniversaries with the company. We were staying at Bay Lake Tower and the fireworks they had were kind of epic. Between regular HEA and Hallowishes and that we got to see 3 different MK fireworks shows that week. If you’re staying in the MK area it might be worth asking a CM or two if there will be fireworks.

Thanks for the tip. We are just planning on going for the morning and are staying over near Epcot, but I’ll keep my ears open in case something cool is going on that we could (possibly) take advantage of!