MK Closing at 6PM?

In planning our upcoming trip, MK closing at 6PM on the day we thought was going to be a MNSSHP day… but they usually close at 7PM if there is a Halloween Party. Is it safe to assume there is going to be a different event taking its place this year based on the time and I should change my schedule to reflect that?

If the park is closing at 6pm (which is a strange time, agreed), then yes – you should alter your plans to reflect that closing time.

Where did you see these park hours, if I may ask? I’m curious as to why they’d be closing at 6.

Disney posted up the hours today. We were assuming that was going to be a Halloween Party based on past years…but I think we’re going to literally have to switch our plans with Tuesdays plans, since ADRs for my trip are coming in just a few days. I’m curious as well.

If it’s August / Sept / Oct … you’re likely spot-on. Bon Chance :four_leaf_clover:!

Oh yeah, it’s 9/28 - sorry I thought I posted that and I did not. lol

Our travel agent said its closing at 6pm that day for a cast member event

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Thanks, @Ashleigh_Darnell!