MK "Christmas Time Fireworks"

We want to attend the Christmas Time Fireworks at the MK on Sunday, Dec. 1. It’s scheduled to start at 10 p.m. Disney’s website indicates that it is a “Special Ticketed Event.” Is this “special ticket” for a reserved area only? There is also this describing potential viewing, “This merry display can be thoroughly enjoyed from most locations throughout Magic Kingdom park—including Liberty Square, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.”
This latter description sounds like no tickets are needed. For any clarity on this seeming dichotomy, thanks much!

I believe there is a MVMCP ( Christmas party) that night which is a separate ticketed event.

These fireworks are during the Christmas Party which begins at 7, and you do need party tickets to see them. Otherwise Magic Kingdom closes at 6pm to those without a ticket. Party tickets (official name is Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party) can be bought on the WDW website and cost $115 for adults and $110 for children plus tax.
If you are at the party, you can see the FW from many places in MK, but the Hub will likely have the best view.