MK breakfast reservations - BOG or CP?

Trying to make a list of what ADRs I want and for what meals since I can book starting June 1.
Thinking about doing an early breakfast res at MK (we are staying at WL so easy to get there early) before park opening…currently have it narrowed down to Crystal Palace or Be Our Guest. I know and love CP, but have never done BOG breakfast. Any thoughts?
Also - how long before our breakfast res will the allow us into the park? Would LOVE to have a little time to walk around/take photos w/ hardly anyone there!

Ironically I just got some of this info today. I’d been wanting an early entry ADR for Magic Kingdom. I was able to snag an 8:30am BOG. I was pretty excited. Then a CP 8:10am opened up and I jumped on it, but the system made me cancel my BOG. I assumed the 8:10 would get me into the park sooner, so I felt good about it.

Not long after that I received an answer to my question that was very similar to yours. In a nutshell, I was told if your goal is to get into the park early, you need the BOG reservation. BOG is a QS meal and you can order in advance. You can order as little or as much as you want. So essentially you can grab a cup of coffee and muffin and be on your way. CP is TS, and much slower service. Also, I was told that eating at CP doesn’t necessarily guarantee you early access to the rides. Apparently because of CPs location you’re often blocked from going into the park and basically have to wait for the rope drop crowd before you can enter.

So that’s my take on it based on the info I received. Obviously I made the wrong choice and now I have to scramble once again, to get the BOG reservation I originally had. Ugh

For your timing question, we had an 8:25 ADR (for CRT) and were allowed to enter the park as early as 7:45am. We showed up to security just a little bit behind that time (7:50) and were walking down main street by 8:05. While it was the emptiest we saw Main Street (in daylight- IMO the true magic of an empty Main St was realized for us at the end of the night at the kiss goodnight). For pre-RD there were still plenty of guests walking up through the castle so if you are looking for empty photo ops, I would aim to be at the gates as early as possible to be one of the first in at 7:45am OR work to stick around for the kiss goodnight one hour after close. We got some great shots of our family in front of the castle at night when we stayed later. We lingered on Main Street finishing our Sorcerer’s Apprentice game before heading back to the hotel and just as we finished our game in the train station and turned to leave the music came on for the kiss and we all dashed back into Town Square and soaked in the magic of that moment of the last few seconds.

As for the morning ADR, it was still beautiful and with the time we arrived I felt we had just enough time to meander up Main Street, get a few photos in front of the Castle/partners (although all are full of people in the background), and get to CRT just as our 8:25 came up. We weren’t in any hurry to rush to RD though as we were doing CRT for the princesses and the experience.

As for your two choices, even though I haven’t done either, from what I do know, the answer boils down to what are you looking to get out of the pre-RD meal? If it’s getting into the park early to be able to position to line up ahead of the crowds then BOG especially with the pre-order seems most efficient. If enjoying a meal with fun character interactions to start your day, then the CP that you know and love.

Just a comment on getting on rides early when eating at BOG, we ate there in Sept and were done by 840, but we were held just outside the restaurant until 9 when the RD crowd came into view, so it didn’t really give us that much of an advantage on that front (definitely not worth the price if that’s what you’re using it for). However, we thought the food was good and the experience of eating in Beast’s castle was really cool!

We love breakfast at CP and do it every trip. I just can’t bring myself to pay $24 for a doughnut and some juice at BoG lol. Plus we had a mediocre dinner and a terrible lunch there. I’d much rather pay a few dollars more for a breakfast that we know we’ll enjoy.


I’m inclined to agree…we have had lunch at BOG twice, good, but not fantastic, and a decent dinner. The castle and service is amazing but we weren’t wowed by the food which is why I was wondering about anyone’s breakfast experience…We know CP well and love it, but have never done breakfast there. I also love the ambiance/light at CP, makes for some great photos too, lol.

Good to know @lgorgone - thank you for the feedback! Anyone else had that experience of being held around the restaurant after an early breakfast?

was non plused with BOG.

Can you elaborate? I’ve had other people tell me the same. Thanks for the info.!

I think part of it is that you have to have the right expectations. All the buzz around it makes everyone think that this is THE best dining experience that you could ever have - EVER. So the hype is too much.

Is it is a good meal, sure. It is a nice setting, sure. Was it worth waiting 30 minutes to order and another 20 to get it - no.

The menu (at least lunch) was fairly limited and if you have picky eaters - I suggest you review the menu prior to killing yourself for a reservation. I had the Pork. It was a braised pork with carrots, mashed potatoes and green beans. I have to say for a lunch - it was rather filling and actually good. A bit salty - but I enjoyed it. My son had “feast for a beast” which was the kiddie version of what I had. It came with mashed sweet potatoes (I would have subbed that in on mine if I knew it was an option). My wife had the Turkey sandwich and my daughter probably had just buttered noodles as that is her staple. We each got a desert as well. We found the deserts to be good and appropriately sized (some might call small) - but for us it was just the right amount.

We waited 30 minutes to order via a touchscreen. So if you can pre-order I assume you pass this. You are given a “rose” which is basically just a beacon so they can find you. I (not sure why) was expecting something a bit more refined - like a silk rose or something, It is basically a big redish disk that, if you look at it at the certain angle kind of looks like a rose. There was nothing charming about it IMHO. Additionally we were given two menus instead of 4 (my kids are very much old enough to read and decide things on their own). When I asked “could I please have 4 menus” was rebuffed with a “you can share”. So any of the enchantment of Belle during the “Enchanted tale with Belle” did not rub off on some of the cast members just next door.

We did eat in the “main room” which looks very much like the grand ballroom - however the other rooms available were not nearly as dramatic. Our food did come and as I stated earlier we enjoyed it as a whole. However they did get something wrong and it took forever to correct it (can’t remember what it was - but it was significant enough to justify the “redo”). The room however is not relaxing - and rather crowded. The tables are bused etc so it is 1/3 of a step up from a regular counter service.

Our meal - which was 2 child / 2 adult came to about $60. It was a nice change from burgers etc and I like the direction Disney is going - but if you don’t do it – you trip will NOT be ruined.

Does that provide you with what you are looking for?

Yes thank you so much! :slight_smile: I feel the same way about our lunches/dinner there. I really think I will go for CP breakfast.

Plus POO is there!!! Now if they had the Beast, Belle and some of the other characters moving around - that would be cool

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