MK and TSL Rope-Drop Questions

Hey! I’m in the World and need to be strategic . . . Between the heat/humidity and some trouble I’m having with my ankle, I am trying to avoid long stretches of walking and standing in line (aren’t we all, haha!). Two quick questions:

  1. I want to ride BTMR and Splash at RD. I’d like to take the train from Main Street to save myself the walk… does the first train depart right at opening or will there be a delay? And should I start with BTMR or Splash?

  2. Hoping to RD TSL on a non-EMH morning with a 9am official opening. No FPs for Slinky or Aliens. What time should I arrive?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t know about #1, sorry.

Regarding #2, be aware that most of the non-EMH mornings coming up will have Passholder Play Time going on in TSL with 7-8 and 8-9 shifts. The first one is Tuesday I think, and no one really knows how they are going to go. Registered pass holders can check in up to 30 minutes into their time (meaning the ones who really lucked out are the ones who picked 7-8 and can be there at 6:45 to check in). So those groups will already be in the land at rope drop.

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Thank you! I completely forgot about passholder playtime . . . I am now rethinking my entire week, haha!

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#1 We always take the train when rope dropping that side of the park. The train leaves 1 or 2 minutes after the park opens and gets to Frontier station about the same time the crowds are just arriving on foot. So this is an excellent idea to save walking first thing in the morning.
And we usually do BTMR first because that line seems to grow faster and more people avoid Splash mountain first thing because they don’t want to get wet.

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Thanks! This is super helpful.

Definitely do BTMRR first as it is a relatively short ride compared to Splash. Splash is such a long ride that it gives too much time for the BTMRR line to build…

Good point! Here’s our MK PTP for our 1st MK day. Thought I’d share it with you because (as I thought I recollected) the optimize always seems to tell us to go to Splash first.

Not sure why though, but as I recall Splash lines seem to get longer in the morning than BTMR (faster loading?).

So that’s what I’ve got, for what it worth!

It may not make a big difference either way tho, since that early in the morning a lot of the crowd is over at 7Ds line and Peter Pan line.


Now I’m questioning my whole plan of RDing Slinky. I’m guessing Passholder s will make the line already long.