MK and FPP

What is the likelihood of getting additional FPP in the MK? I’ll be at MK on 10/1. What time frame would you recommend getting FPP for? As early as possible? Mid-morning? Early afternoon? I normally just pick FPP for after our midday break, but I’m not planning on taking a break that day so not exactly sure how to proceed.

My last FP+ is for 12:45-1:45 today. I’ll try to remember to snap a picture at the kiosks to show what’s available for my 4th at that point.



That would be awesome, thank you. I have the same question.

Omg. The lines for additional FP+ are insane. Here’s the one by Philharmagic.

I figured I’d go elsewhere and hope for better. But the one at Stich doesn’t look any smaller. I’m waiting in it now. I’ll let you know how long it takes and what I’m able to get.

Disney REALLY needs to get it together and start letting us book additionals on the app. Blah!


14:24 from getting in line until reaching a kiosk. Ugh. For comparison, I waited 9 minutes in STANDBY for Splash earlier today. Anyway, here’s what’s available as of 1:15pm:


Thank you! That is quite a lot of attractions available. I think I might try moving my FPP times up a bit.

wow. not bad. surprised to see Anna and Elsa on that too. Thanks for doing the Recon and providing the intel @Mr_Itty

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You’re welcome. I’m fairly shocked that A&E is available, especially given that it wasn’t when I made my initial 3 this morning. In fact, the only ones I immediately notice as not there are 7DMT, Splash, Wishes, and MSEP.

What’s the crowd level that day? Think the gang at TP are working on FPP availability with varying crowd levels. Lower crowds must mean an increased chance of getting desired FPPs. Any way you look at it, earlier is better in terms of getting a desired 4th FPP. Odds of getting something you’d want must be higher at the MK than the other parks since the MK has more headliners than any other park. Lately I’ve been starting my FPP’s in the MK and AK at 10-10:30 and getting one every hour after that. I’ll enjoy low crowds at RD until the first FPP Meaning that as early as maybe 12:15, I’ll try for a FPP in the next, longest wait in my personalized plan or maybe a repeat from something I did earlier. I know the odds of a 4th Mine Train are low, but that’s one I’d repeat w a 4th FPP if I got lucky.

WOW! That makes me feel a little better although I don’t like waiting for 9 minutes to get the fast pass.

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Agreed. But, you can figure out how much that 9 minutes might save you by comparing standby to FPP waits (FPP is generally 1/3 standby)

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@daisykingdom91 @Mr_Itty Someone just taught me last week that if one has a room reservation, one can go to MDE on a computer & try snagging FPs for today without actually confirming them, just to see what’s available. I’m not sure if kiosks & MDE have a different inventory, but I’ve been monitoring MDE at various points during the day now & then ever since in prep for my trip. Tis worth trying. :slight_smile: Go well.

Thanks for showing how the process is working now!!

Great information, as always @Mr_Itty!

Astonished to see A&E on this list. I wonder if the popularity has settled down. Or could it be the extreme Frozen presence in DHS? Or maybe just a “fluke” (like me getting a no-wait walk-up at VN at the height of dinner hour)?

I was surprised as well. The other possibility is that Disney saves some to be released the day of.

@Mr_Itty, thanks for the post and waiting on the line with reporting. You are fantastic.

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