MK and AK after 10pm

The extension of opening hours in the evenings at MK and AK in June has caused all kinds of exciting ructions for my plans. It’s enabled me to bag FPPs for FOP, and saved me nearly $300 by making my VIP tour unnecessary.

The question I’m now considering is: do I stay later at the parks and therefore get back to the house I’m staying in later each evening?

What are the parks like after 10pm? Cooler, I assume. Which is good. Less busy I’m guessing?

Certainly on arrival day the later opening is good for me. My current plan relies on things moving reasonably smoothly at the airport. Regular readers will know I hatched a plan for a duplicate schedule later in the week just in case things went wrong. Which I cancelled within about an hour. But with the later MK closing, if I miss the items on my schedule before HEA, I can now do them afterwards, albeit without FPPs.

Which is why knowledge of the busyness of the parks is important!

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I know people who only do the parks after dark in the summer. Late nights can open up a lot of possibilities, especially when the families with little ones leave for the night. I’d explore the daily wait times charts on the full TP desktop website. Look at each park on specific days, and even more specifically for particular rides to see what things look like after 10 pm.


Another way to explore this is to make a personalized touring plan for your particular days and keep pushing the start time later and later to see what happens.

I’m not saying that I’m complaining, but this is causing havoc with my schedule! So many changes to make!

The problem arises because late night FOP and Na’vi seem to be the best options. But that means all kinds of things have to move.

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I’d pick one 3-6 hour block to be your top priority for the day, and then think of extra time earlier or later in the day as bonus time. It’s not impossible to go all day or to be there super early and super late on the same day, but it’s hard to count on those scenarios. You know yourself best. If late hours work for you, that’s great.

dang! saw the park times changes and forgot to grab an FOP FP grrrrrrr

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There’s still plenty left.

no sorry my dates/times were changed via email yesterday for wed 6th June from 9pm finish now finishing at 1030pm - they don’t automatically get put on the website…I may be in for a chance!!! how long does it take? Thanks

Just seen loads available for 7DMT for the date before - I think I have missed it :0( if anyone sees them for Wednesday 6th June after 9pm please send me a message?