Mk & AK Rope Drops: What time to be at resort bus stop?

Can anyone simplify this for me? I have searched here & googled but don’t see a simple answer to the question of: given new AK Pandora dynamics and “new” MK rope drop procedures…What time do I need to be at the resort’s bus stop (not “arriving at the park” which some posts cite) by?

Is 7:45 at the resort bus stop good enough for MK and 7:30 for AK?

There are handy spreadsheets & tables for almost everything else but this it seems. :slight_smile: Topics on the TP forum are older so don’t seem to reflect the current AK & MK timing issues. TP’s rope drop page just explains what it is, not when to be waiting for your bus by.

Relevant details in case these make a difference: Staying at POFQ in April after the height of the spring break rush; using an ECV (so can’t just uber); want to do Peter Pan & Merida meet with our MK rope drops so need to be near front; NJR at AK rope drop aiming to be near its front; no PPO ADRs.

I cannot speak to AK rope drop procedures.
MK lets people on Main Street at 8am for a 9 am opening.
Being at the mercy of the buses, I would be at the bus stop at 7:30 and enjoy some time on Main Street with it not being crowded.

Is 7:30 pretty reliable time to get a bus for AK? Will that be early enough for pandora RD?