MK After Hours Experience

We have tickets for MKAH for 1/31. It will be our first after hours event. We had been hoping to go 1/17 because it seemed a better value because the park was open until 9 so seeing as you can get in beginning at 7 according to the website you gain an extra 2 hours. Park closes at 8pm on 1/31, with AH from 8-11pm. Anyone have any luck being let in prior to 7pm? I’ve seen some conflicting information. Trying to plan what time to actually arrive to maximize our in park time.


You will be allowed to enter at 7pm, but no earlier. If only going for the DAH event, I’d get to MK by 6pm to be done with security / bag check and waiting at the tapstiles to go get your DAH credentials to maximize your ride / fun time.