MK After Hours dress code?

We’re doing the MK After hours event during our Feb '19 trip.

When I shared the news with the kid she said “After my BEDTIME?! Can we wear PAJAMAS?!”**

Which was kinda funny… but then got me thinking…COULD we wear PJ’s in the park? It’ll be February so maybe matching fleece bottoms and long sleeve tees/hoodies? I think it’d be a fun way to make it special. My husband is afraid we’ll get turned away at the door. Any thoughts? Have you been and seen PJ’s worn there?

**- Bedtimes are pretty much out the window at Disney, but the kid doesn’t know that. :wink:


I can’t think of any reason fleece bottoms with tshirts would be a problem. Sounds like a sweet idea! Our family had a blast at Disney After Hours, definitely memorable and matching, theme appropriate outifts sounds like the icing on the cake. We wore matching stitch tshirts.


I think that would a awesome idea. I don’t think there would be an issue with it.

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