MK - 7DMT FPP - Day3

What are the chances of me getting a 7DMT FPP on Day 3 of my trip for 11:00-12:00? I seem to remember from prior trips that I shouldn’t expect anything that early… more like 2-4pm might be more realistic???

I feel like this plan feels rushed, and that it will likely see increased wait times as we get closer to 28 Oct… What do you think?

DD7 will Rider Swap BTMR, and will not ride POTC at all - but DH will. She and I will probably hit Swiss Family Tree House during that time. I do not like waiting in lines…anything more than 25 min will not be ok with my family.

I have more days in MK… probably equivalent to 2.5 full park days ~And~ a MNSSHP where we plan to participate in party activities only.

what is the CL? and are you booking at 60 days? the trip we just went on, I got 7DMT for 10:30am on day 2 or 3, I believe MK was projected as CL6 (maybe 5) that day.
I learned my family won’t wait much more than 1/2 hr either, other than a big headliner they love.

Is this on a party day? I have a similar plan for a party day but in December. I’m thinking we’ll end up doing 7DMT at RD on our second MK day, though…I don’t want to rush my kids there on their first look at MK, you know? And we’re staying off-site, so nothing will be available at 30 days. Anyhow, I’m not sure about the FP availability but I’m hoping the wait times stay consistent, because right now they look awesome!

It is a CL3, party day according to my dashboard. My hunch is this will increase. We are onsite, and I will book FPP precisely at 7am. This is not our first visit. We have done 7DMT several times before (maybe 5 times total). I will also plan on a EMM ticket if they are available on Tuesday 30 Oct.

@nslappin Good to hear you got then early in the day early on in your trip!

@polskamichelle Don’t assume nothing will be available…If you don’t get it on day 30, keep checking. they release FPP all the time! If you rope drop appropriately, you’ll get there about 1 hour before park open and have a few minutes to take in the breathtaking main street and castle… i wouldn’t feel bad making them rush for 7DMT… I’ll see if I can find the youtube video where the TP team RD’d 7DMT…

Here it is. Worth the 15 minute investment.

Yes, I will keep checking! Although I am assuming nothing will be available at day 30 and that I’ll have to try to modify. Thanks for the video…I will check it out! And even if we don’t RD it on the first day we have 2 other MK days so we’ll RD it one of those! I really just don’t want to rush everyone TOO much on our very first walk into the park!

I wouldn’t want to rush it either. Especially MK. It’s breathtaking!

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