MK 2 days - take a look at plan and tell me what u think

Above is day 1 - we will probably grab a counter service meal during the break in the park

above is day 2 - planning to sleep in spend the day at the pool and packing for our arrival to universal the next morning. We have never done evening hours at magic kingdom so we will give it a go.

anything u would do different? Are we missing something? Thanks

Will you try for FPs for PP and 7DMT?

No festival of fantasy, or celebrate the magic?


Is that the parades? If so no - teenage boys not into it

Festival of Fantasy is different- my 22 year old son loves it- but maybe they will stop as they are walking by. Celebrate the Magic is the castle show that happens right before Wishes. I think you are scheduled on a ride. The show is projected on the castle and there is really nothing like it!


I added celebrate the magic - it shows before wishes and after? The plan has me going after wishes

After? I think you should watch that. I usually go the week before your trip planning on going around the 18-25 this year). I do not remember Celebrate the Magic happening after Wishes ( the dessert party was a tradition for a number of years). The night time parade can happen before and after, maybe others have experience with this?