MK 2 day TP help request

This will be our first trip to WDW staying at AKL for 8 days and will have a rental car. We are Mom, Dad, Grandparents and two girls ages 9 & 6. We plan to spend two days at MK. The crowd levels are forecasted to be 3 & 4. The first day is an EMH @ 8am and the second day is a PPO breakfast at BOG @ 8:05am. We are doing a lot of character meals to help cut back on having to wait in long lines for meetings. My daughters are not huge thrill seekers but do enjoy most rides that are not coasters. (But Mama has to ride BTMR :blush:)
Finally here’s the questions:
What touring plan do you like to use? (My kids seem to be in between the stages listed in the pre set plans)
Do people actually take 3 hour midday breaks in non summer months? (February)
Am I causing myself way more stress over MK than is warranted?

I think that with 2 days you can have a nice relaxed tour. And you might find that the breaks come naturally.

I always create my own touring plans, so I don’t use the prearranged ones. If you are not interested in Space Mountain, or Splash Mountain or 7DMT, your touring becomes substantially easier.

You could Rope Drop (if that is your style) on the EMH day. Hit most of Fantasyland and Tomorrowland during the first couple of hours, say, 8-10. I think on a crowd level 3 or 4 day (or even 5 or 6) this is very doable, ESPECIALLY if 7DMT isn’t on your list. You can then putter around, and enjoy what you want to do.

On second day, hit BTMRR as close to RD as possible, then hit PoC, JC and whatever else in Adventureland and Frontierland interests you… plenty of time to see the parade, leave for a couple hours to go swim, and come back for an evening and fireworks.

THink about what might be important to your family (character meets, or attractions, or swimming…) and make a basic plan dividing the park into two days with some popular rides on each day. I think you will find you have lots of time.

FWIW here are the first two days of MK TP we used with DD9 and DD5 this summer: This was a 7am EMH day and we left after the parade. THis was an 8 am RD park opening and we had a giant break in the middle of the day - leaving before the parade and coming back for a 5 or so ADR.

Thank you so much! This makes me feel so much better already! Thanks for including your touring plans too.
Love this group :two_hearts: