MK 2 day plan of attack with Genie + and ILL?

What would been your plan of attack with two days to spend at MK? End of March, 27&28th. Will be utilizing Genie + on both days and ILL for 7DMT on both days. It’s my DD10 favorite ride lately.
Is the best advice to still divide by lands? FL&TL/ AL&FrontierLand/Liberty Square/Main Streeet?
Should I go for a PPF LL after I have secured my ILL for 7DMT and then on the other day do JC after buying 7DMT ILL?
What do you do after that, hope for an early time for the first LL and then just go with the flow for rides based on what LL can be pulled? I think we will either rope drop PPF or 7DMT and then maybe BTMRR/Splash (the second day we may not get there for early entry) depending on the time of the JC LL.
Suggestions? Does that plan sound good? It will be just myself and my DD10 so she will be in charge of getting an early time for JC and PPF hopefully so we can start grabbing LL early. Wishful thinking! We have some training to do.
Staying onsite!

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What I’ve done for our upcoming trip is, for each day, made a must do, want to do, try to do list. So I picked the top few things that I absolutely have to get done, some things I really want to do, and some fillers if there’s time. From there I made a list of the order in which I’m going to go for LLs, based on the data about which ones go fastest. And I also made a plan for the first hour - in my case for our first day the plan is to get a PPF LL, rope drop 7DMT, then do Winnie the Pooh and Small World, and once I’ve used PPF go for Haunted Mansion. Then I’ll basically just see how the rest of the day plays out.

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Staying on site correct? I would secure your genie plus first then grab your ILL for 7dmt. We rope dropped space for 10 minute walk/wait once in the queue ,then we rode Winnie the pooh on the way to Big thunder then pirates etc. But you could just stay in tomorrow land and catch those rides after space. They only open FL and TL for early entry. I imagine JC and PPF would be the priority snag for each morning as they get booked up the fastest.

Edit: meant to say with the crowds and LL variability it seems best just to plan your first handful of rides with a loose plan after that depending on what the park gives you!


Yes onsite, don’t need Space so that helps, only have to purchase the one 7DMT ILL each day.
I was thinking about rope dropping FrontierLand and or Adventureland on our second day so we could not have to stress about getting up so early, but we wouldn’t be front of the pack for sure.

I think this is what I am leaning towards but maybe keeping must do’s separated by land and by day. It’s the first few hours of knowing what still works at rope drop for shorter lines. Last time we went in June we had one day at MK and nothing but standby lines so I guess it’s still the same as far as what lines build quickly.

We had good results getting a ILL for 7DMT and rope dropping PPF. From there we easily did FL and AL attractions using genie for a few, ate lunch and made our 1 pm ILL. With a genie for BL we conquered TL next and hit MP before heading out. I think your plan will work fine. Hope you have a fun trip!

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That sounds like a good plan. What was your first LL you pulled at 7am?

I think that sounds like a solid plan. I would probably book SDMT before grabbing your G+ time. It’s hard to know exactly what’s going to be available with G+ to plan too much per land.

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That’s what I am thinking, and I always have a plan, this is so strange to me lol

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Yeah this new world is different for sure.

Snow White

Did you get a LL just through Genie + at 7am also or just the paid 7DMT?

It was our first time using the system and I honestly don’t remember which I did first. Probably ILL because we did not buy Genie in advance.