MK 1/2 Day TP

January 29th is our arrival day. Planning on hitting MK about 3:00. Our plan is doing most of tomorrowland that day, maybe 7D is the line isn’t too bad at the end of the night. Anyway… We really want to see the flag retreat. Also want to do Dapper Dans, if I can. Wondering if there’s any meet and greets in this area to fill the time between Dapper Dans and flag retreat? Kids are 12 and 9.
Thanks for any imput

It seems like you have about an hour to kill.

In Town Square Theater you can meet talking Mickey and Tinkerbell (two separate lines). This would just about kill that hour if you did not have FPP for either

ETA any remaining time, stop in to the Confectionery, Fire Station, or Chapeau