MK 1/2 day Afternoon and full day with rope drop

Early part of Thanksgiving week. We plan to get an evening flight on Friday night. We would have a relaxing morning, late breakfast or lunch dining reservation and then head to MK (12-1pm) for our 1/2 park day on Saturday. What area(s) of the park should we explore that 1/2 day based on our arrival time at the park? What rides should we fast pass?

On our full day, we plan to rope drop or FP 7DMT. Should we try to FP it on our 1/2 day? How should we divide up the park between those 2 days??

Is this your first trip? Are their any kids in your group? What are their ages? Do you like coasters? Is there anything you want to do twice? Anything you definitely don’t want to do?

I went multiple times between ages 6-18. I am now married with kids. We went once as a family 5 years ago. We were going to Tampa and added 2 days onto our trip. Our kids were 4.5, 2.5 and 5m. This is our “big trip” and might be our only Disney trip as we have so many other spots we want to visit. Our kids are going to be 10, 8, 6 and 4.5y. We are doing 1/2 day MK and then full days at all 4 parks. We will do some swimming the first morning before MK (we fly in late the night before and will have a relaxing morning. Then 4 days of parks. The last day will be a late afternoon travel day and we will swim again and walk around. Maybe Disney Springs. I’m hoping to do Chef Mickey on our first day for late breakfast or lunch and then head to MK. My husband and I love rides and I would like my kids to try everything (probably skip Space Mountain for the youngest). My youngest is currently 41” and we aren’t going till November (Thanksgiving week)

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We also love parades and shows. We will bring our double jogging stroller with us to help with tired legs. Our kids are early risers and i’m hoping We can rope drop the full park days.

Maybe have the parade and fireworks only on one of the MK days and take advantage of rides during them on the other day

You could do Frontierland and Adventureland on your half day and then Fantasyland/Tomorrowland on your full day. That’s the easiest way to split the parks. Personally, I would look at all the FP rides and pick the 6 we want to FP and then build a touring plan from that, adding on nearby rides. If there’s anything you think you might want to do twice, plan it on your first day.

You might find this post interesting - What are your must have FPPs?

ETA: The custom touring plans are great because they include the show and ‘diversion’ times so you can plan for those as well. Splitting into two days is going to be the trickiest part, because you’ll have to make 2 separate touring plans. What you put in each is personal preference.

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