Mizner's Lounge - sounds like a legit early food / light dinner option

I was listening to WDW Radio last night & Lou was doing a live review of Mizner’s Lounge at GF. The appetizers sounded amazing as did the legit and unique cocktails. Along with the live music in the background I am thinking this is a must do for our December GF stay.

Thinking of stopping in at 4:30pm before our MVMCP night vs eating in MK.

Have you been to Mizner’s? Attention @BGK

Menu: http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/dining/mizners-lounge/menus/lounge-menu

I heard the same podcast. It would be great to hop on the monorail and go there to escape the crowds. That said, Lou can make any food spot sound good. Might give it a try next trip.

I have never had Cognac, but I was even googling “Remy” to see what they were drinking for $235 for a 2oz pour. Lou does have an affinity for food.

Did he say it opened at 4:30? I was confused. He said something about 4:30-10:00 but was there after 11.

4:30 to 12. So I guess 4:30 arrival time for us.

I do believe that’s @BGK 's watering hole. The kitty can probably give some feedback.

I was wondering if they stop the food menu at a certain time? I just thought all the lounges were open until midnight so I was confused about what he said.

OK, yes, I am a fixture at Mizner’s. The last seat at the far end of the bar, by that hoop-shaped brass rail, is my spot. I sit there because Tammy demands it, so that she “can keep her eye on me” and still handle the service bar. Sit there at your peril.

Mizner’s does open at 4:30. The food is from the Citricos kitchen, so food isn’t served until 5:30. You’ll notice some similarity in items, and the quality is just as good. You cannot order from the Citricos menu in Mizner’s. Citricos does have its own bar where you may order from the full menu. Mizner’s food service stops at 10:00, when Citricos stops seating.

Last call is 11:30, and the lounge closes at midnight.

I like good cognac, but Louis XIII is an overblown marketing gimmick for people with more money than sense.

As to the other drinks, well. I know this sounds blasphemous, but none of the WDW bars are earth-shattering when it comes to drinks. Mizner’s does have a good wine selection, as the Citricos GM is also the Mizner’s manager, and Keith is a good guy when it comes to wine. A Manhattan is made with rye, dammit, not bourbon, something that the resort-standard drink menu, for all its swill, gets very right. I seldom stray beyond a Bombay Sapphire martini, or maybe a stinger if it’s time for a nightcap. but some of the other drinks are pretty good. It just gives me a sad that a place that seems tailor-made for classy old school drinks like the Gimlet, the Aviation, the Last Word, and so on, can’t get the ingredients to make them.

I heart you :heart: :heart: :heart: I am going to try to slide it in as a dinner option for me one night and take an hour or two to act like an adult.

Remind me when this is, again? I know everyone who works there, and I’ll tell them not to show any disrespect, and fish any broken glass from your drinks before serving them.

Thought I would just drop your name and see what happens. Nov 30 - Dec 4th then I am changing resorts and will be slumming it over at the Beach Club as part of Len & crew’s Reunion weekend