Mixed feelings about upgrades

reading stories of people being upgraded from moderate resorts (POFQ, POR) being moved to Poly and Contemporary, and not just standard rooms either. I am happy for them as I can’t imagine being booked, and your resort not even opening, waiting for hours on hold etc. On the other hand, I booked at rack rate last June for Garden Wing. Knowing all of that, I can’t help but feel like I’m getting ripped off, paying almost double (I forget exactly what the difference is) for the same accommodations. Disney owes me nothing and its up to them to move people around at their own financial loss or gain, I just hate knowing that I’m not getting a good deal. Am I just being a jerk?

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I wouldn’t say you’re being a jerk

What I would say is that you agreed to pay the price you’re paying and, must have thought it fair or you wouldn’t be booked there.

I would say consider yourself lucky that the resort stay part of your trip is not in question. It is clear, final, and you don’t have to do anything but arrive.

Also know that after the parks are open and more resorts are opening up, they are not upgrading people anymore without a cost attached to it. They are giving like for like - value for value, mod for mod, deluxe for deluxe; they are only price protecting in those cases.

The upgrades you’re seeing are a temporary fix to a terrible situation. Believe me that Disney is not excited about it either as they look at it as losing money. But they are doing the best that they can with the situation at hand.

You’re not a jerk, but you’ll be happier if you keep your eyes on your own paper and be happy with the reservation you have that had you happy to start with. :slight_smile:


Also, be aware that there are ALWAYS wide variations from room to room on what people pay for equivalent accommodation. You never see that so it doesn’t bother you like this does. But there are plenty of times you’ve paid more than your neighbor, and plenty of times your neighbor has paid more than you :slight_smile:


I can understand how you feel from a different perspective. It seems to me though that the impressive upgrades mostly happened for pre-park opening stays. I am more than a little bummed about getting moved from Beach Club to Contemporary Garden Wing. Beach Club was a huge splurge for me and was made for the purpose of SAB and walking access to two parks. Contemporary may be a nice hotel but it has neither of those perks. It might be a little cool if we were at least in the Tower, but we aren’t. Price/Value wise it’s not really an upgrade either I don’t believe. So I feel like I’m splurging kinda for nothing. But I’m trying to be positive and at this point just still hoping we can go. FWIW my POR reservation got moved to CBR and I got $ back because it was cheaper. So not an exciting upgrade there either but at least I pay less.


I feel the same way. I paid for AKL, which has such a wow factor for us. Getting moved to CR garden wing, while technically an upgrade bc it’s a little more, doesn’t have that wow factor at all and seems like a downgrade. And that’s where a lot of the akl people are getting moved to.


I’m wondering if I should call soon for my october trip. I’m booked at ASmu, and I’m hearing I’d be sent to POP or AOA. I really like the idea of the skyliner, but do you think I should hold out to see if they upgrade me to a moderate. Its like russian roulette… LOL