Mix of Resort/non-resort in FP+ group?

Hello all!

I’m organizing a friends group heading to WDW, specifically to HS over spring break. One family is staying on-park (Pop) and another is not. The on-park FP+ reservation date is coming up quickly, and I realized I wasn’t entirely sure if the system would let me include everyone when our window opens, or if it would only let me add the on-park people…

Help? Thanks!

Last September after you scheduled FPs for the on resort group, you could click on “add people” and add the non resort people, as long as they had tickets (and there is availability). I didn’t test starting the group with non-resort guests and haven’t done this in a couple of months

Yes, you can book for everyone, as long as they have tickets linked.

You need to all be linked on MDE. That includes anyone who is managed by someone else, so check you can see them all on your MDE account under friends and family.

Everyone staying offsite must have the same FPs as at least one person onsite. And they won’t be able to modify their FPs until they reach their 30 day mark.


You don’t need to “add” anyone, you can book for them with you.


So just clarifying, if I am staying on property and am linked as friends with my friend who has an AP, I can make FP+ for both of us and not have to add her to my room? I just don’t modify anything until it’s within the 30 days?

For my trip this past September, I snagged FOP for us both - tried it, was not sure it would let me but it did - and then freaked out and had my TA add her into my room. No biggie, she was staying one night with me anyway and I had an AP then. This summer I will not have an AP but will be on a package so it’s not as simple to add her to my room. If I can get them for both of us this summer (she is not coming the whole time - we aren’t sure which day yet, and obviously I will drop hers the days she is not there) at my 60-day mark that would be awesome.

Yes, you can do that.

And to be clear, your friend can’t modify her FPs until her 30 day mark. But you can modify them as much as you want.


Awesome!! Thank you so much!!

My new learning for the day!!