Mission Space: Which FPP Tier?

Hi all,

My FPP window starts next week and I am double checking everything. For EPCOT day on our trip August 21-27, I was planning to get FPP for Test Track (Tier 1), Spaceship Earth and Mission Space Orange (Tier 2). These were the corresponding tiers listed in the Unofficial Guide w Kids 2016.

Looking at the Touring Plans site now, it looks like Mission Space has moved into the more competitive tier with Soarin, TT, and Frozen. Can anyone confirm based on recent FPP booking? The Disney site is not listing out tiers where I can see them since I can’t get to FPP booking yet.


I’m currently working on my FPP for Epcot on 8/18 and Mission Space is still Tier 2.

Oh, good! I just saw your Epcot FPP post and appreciate you sharing the info. I hope you get the FPPs that you want!

Frozen Ever After, TT, and Soarin’ will be Tier 1. MS will move back to Tier 2.

Fantastic news - thanks so much!