Mission: Space twice as Tier 2 FP?

I’m working through potential plans for our EPCOT day. Looking over the recent 30 day and same-day FP availability, I think my best bet is to try for RD on Test Track, FP for Frozen at 30 days, and then get a same-day FP for Soarin’ after using up the first three FPs.

Here is where the trouble is. I’d prefer to try to burn through the Tier 2 FPs as early as possible. I can obtain a Mission:Space Orange FP for one Tier 2. But to find another Tier 2 after Test Track would have us kind of going back and forth in FutureWorld.

  • RD Test Track
  • Tier 2 FP such as Journey into Imagination (a waste, but whatever), or perhaps The Seas.
  • Tier 2 Mission:Space
  • 11:00 am, WS opens, so we start with Mexico, then use our Tier 1 FP at Frozen.
  • Do rest of WS
  • Finish up other side of FW, hoping to use same-day Soarin’ FP.

I don’t like the idea of going to TT to the other side of FW and then back again for M:S.

But I got to wondering. In the Touring Plans tool, when listing the FP options for Tier 2, it lists Mission:Space twice: once for Orange and once for Green. Does this mean you can technically obtain two Tier 2 FPs for Mission:Space??? If so, that would simplify this a lot.

My other options are:

  1. Book Journey into Imagination, but don’t actually go…but that risks no tap-in and leaving it hanging, preventing a same-day Tier 1 FP.
  2. Book Journey into Imagination, but AFTER we circle around all of WS as we planned. Then after Journey, we can to obtain same-day Soarin’. I just hate to wait that long into the day for Same-Day when there are 7 of us!

Any thoughts/suggestion?

Here is what my plan looks like with the extra walking early on as of right now: https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3862915

You can’t book two Mission Space FP in advance. You are just booking a FP for Mission Space and after tapping in you decide which line you are joining. I assume it is in Touring Plans as two different options because the wait times can be different.

Not sure the best option to avoid a bunch of walking. I personally haven’t had issues not tapping into a FP and having it prevent a same-day Tier 1, but as you mention its a risk. Guessing you are going after Spaceship Earth closes?

Personally, I’d run over to the other side of FW and tap into something else to clear the second Tier 2. FW isnt crazy big, so it should only take a couple extra minutes.

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Not for sure, but most likely. I’m assuming for now that Spaceship Earth will not be available. If it happens to still be open, then I can use that, for sure.

Yeah. It isn’t terribly, but annoying when there are seven of us! :slight_smile:

And another thought I had, but I don’t think would work, would be to do Mission:Space with the FP, and then once we tap in there modify our next Tier 2 back to Mission: Space again. Only trouble with that is same-day Mission:Space availability doesn’t look too promising. :confused:

Do you have to enter at the main entrance?

Edit: Never mind - you are rope dropping TT…

It shouldn’t allow you to do that anyway. You can’t have any of your original 3 be for the same ride twice.

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The why your plan is now, the Figment FPP should fall off as it is before your Tier 1 Frozen FPP. (Not a 100% guarantee, but if you are not going to use it having it in this order greatly increases the odds it’ll work.)

Also, Figment – for some odd reason – has 2 places you tap in before you ride. (outside and as you board) The second isn’t always on, but if it is I’m unsure how not hitting both of them affects it dropping off.

If I was truly just going to tap-in and walk away I’d hit up the Pixar Short Film Festival.

With you wanting to RD TT, there really is no good way to knock out this Tier 2 without crisscrossing the park.

Oh. I was thinking that the original three would be MS, Journey, and FEA. But then after doing MS, modify Journey to MS since the MS would fall off the list. That is assuming MS would be available, which I’m not sure is the case. But the system doesn’t allow you modify to something you’ve already done/completed?

Well, if we walked over for Figment, we’d ride it because, well, we had a FP for it and we’re there. Might as well do it, as much as I find the ride the worst ride in all of WDW. If nothing else, my DIL will get a chance to experience it, since it will be all new for her anyhow.

Yeah. To (mis-)quote Princess Leia:

“Help me, Spaceship Earth. You’re my only hope.”

The irony is that the predicted wait time for Soarin’ is only about 16 minutes that day anyhow, so it isn’t really helping a whole lot…but I thought if we could pull off a FP for it, we might be able to do it twice or something.

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If it were me, I would just pick the closest tier 2 and walk as fast as I could across the park. Not ideal, but I wouldn’t want to take any chances.

No the system won’t allow that.

Ropedropping TT isn’t the best idea as it’s so often down at RD. I’d FP it and RD Soarin, unless you’re willing to do TT in the single rider line. You could get a FP for LtwL for 9am and tap while you’re there. Soarin is easy to pick up as a 4th.


Trouble is, of the three main Tier 1s we are interested in (FEA, TT, and Soarin’), Soarin’ is the one with both the lowest SB wait times and the one with the greatest chance of obtaining a same-day FP.

FEA or TT we have a decent chance of getting at 30 days out, but both will be gone by same-day.

This is a bummer. At 30 days out, most likely won’t be able to get a FP for FEA nor TT until closer to noon.

I guess I’ll have to rethink my entire day. Do the right side of FW instead of the left side first, as you essentially are suggesting. :confused:

Okay. I’m going to rework this. If anyone clicks on the plan while I’m doing this, you might see some weird stuff. :slight_smile: I’ll be back when I try a different plan.

If you really want to hope for some luck, try to get a 9AM Test Track FPP, then hope for it to be down at RD. If you get lucky, it converts to Any Time FPP. If not, you could RD FEA, then come back to your FPP for TT and two other tier 2s in Future World. Hit pretty much all of Future World by 11, then go do World Showcase. Work on a same-day for Soarin’ when you’re waiting elsewhere.

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The chances of that are slim to none at 30 days…especially for 7 people. I might have a chance around noon. Gonna try to make a plan around that.

Okay. I’ve updated the plan, now starting at Soarin’ and trying for TT FP at 11:30 am.

Reduced walking time considerably this way. Will just mean a long wait for FEA (longer than a wait RDing TT by comparison).

Does FEA ever have consistent same-day times of new FPs similar to what people report for FoA in AK? If not, we’ll either wait for it or skip it.

It sometimes does but they are early - 9.37 and 10.37 I think.

Okay. No good for us, then. I guess my current plan will have to do until we get 30 days out.


Have you run a plan with RD @ FEA? Soarin’ wait times climb more slowly. Try this:
FP TT, MS, and other Tier 2 (LWTL?)
Get same day FP for Soarin’

Although your current plan might allow for a second ride at Soarin’ or possibly TT at a later SDFP drop…

Because I was curious what wait times would look like:

I know I read a post on EasyWDW about rope dropping FEA but I can’t find it.

I will make one like that as an experiment to see how it goes. The reason I haven’t, though, was because I didn’t like the idea of so much back-tracking/walking…that is, race to FEA, then backtrack through FW. At 30 days out, TT FP availability is closer to 11 or 12, so it would mean more zig-zagging, which I’m hoping to avoid. But I’ll make an plan similar to what you provided as an alternative. Part of it, I think, will be based on what is available when the 30 day mark comes.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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