Mission Space Training Lab question

Hi - We are going to EPCOT in March with 2 small children, and some adults who are both claustrophobic and prone to motion sickness…so we have decided to skip Mission Space. However, the Advanced Training Lab portion looks fun and I think the kids (& adults) will like it. Can we just do the lab portion without dealing with the lines for the actual ride? I don’t want to get stuck waiting in a long line for a ride I know we aren’t riding. Thanks!

Yes! We’ve done it. Just go in through the gift shop.

Perfect - thanks!!

I think the Space Lab and the post-show area of TT both have some really cool/fun things in them. A lot of people just pass the areas by in their quest to get to the next attraction. These kind of remind me of what “old EPCOT” was like…

I miss “Old EPCOT” - The Wonders of Life pavilion, the Communicore, a lot of good things that are no longer with us.

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I have to confess that Wonders of Life never really did that much for me, but I really miss World of Motion, Horizons, The Living Seas (before Nemo) - and especially the original Journey Into Imagination ride and Imageworks. And growing up with Walter Cronkite as the “voice of the evening news”, I kind of miss his SE narration. But I’m a sucker for nostalgia…

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