Mission Space Reopening Conflicting Info

For whatever reason, some blogs have pushed back Mission Space reopening to October. Disney Parks Blog posted yesterday that it is reopening in August – just seems no definitive date yet.

My EP touring plan for 8/30 was fine until I went in today and now it says ride will be closed and delete from plan to evaluate and optimize.

I’m not touching the plan and hopefully by 8/30 it will be open since Disney is saying August/in a few weeks. Anyone know why there’s so much conflicting information?


I had been wondering abut this. Date just changed on TP to 10/1


I would take the ride out of your plan and add a break in that spot for the same amount of time called “hopefully Mission Space.” I hate it when I can’t tweak and re-evaluate my TPs and so would insert a workaround.

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I caught it on another blog through FB the other day. The 10/1 date seems to be coming from Disney’s website, but the actual parks blog and D23 stated otherwise. I guess we’ll see!

I’ve been wondering the same thing!

I came here for the same reason! Hope we find out soon as I have Epcot for August 31–with only 2 fast passes booked.

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For those that didn’t see…looks like August has been confirmed

I hope so I’m going second week in Sept.

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Thanks - was just checking this!
Think my son’s hope to ride Orange the first week of August is not happening, but will keep fingers crossed for him.

I found the same thing with my TP and I’m due to book my FPs in 6 days. Very relieved if it comes back in August, as we are there last week of September. Thanks for the updates. I have taken someone’s advice and left a “space” for it.

I hope by mid-August! This is one of my favorite attractions.

I’m in that exact same boat, @Rhea98!

You are aware that you can have the third one booked and madify it to a different fast pass. Tou do not have to wait for mission space to open up.

Thanks. Yes, I’m aware. There just wasn’t anything else I wanted for the day–until I’d read that MissionSpace would reopen. Hopefully, WDW is blocking FP+ for the ride until they are certain of an opening date.


Okay. I understand. But you do need to use 2 teir 2 fpp before you can get another teir 1. You may want to book one you willl not use as early as possible to be able to get a forth Fpp. If mission space opens then you can modify.

FP is open for Mission space - I read that orange & green are now pretty different - they lowered the height restriction and more ‘family friendly’
I couldn’t take the spinning on Orange (yes I am a wimp) and it didn’t seem worth it to do green.
FP is only on the ride as a whole, not on one side or the other.
Do we think that Green will still have almost no wait? I hate to take a fast pass to do green if there is going to be no line the way it always has been

Short-term I’d expect renewed interest in Mission Space as folks check out the differences. How long that lasts will likely depend on how good the changes are. I guess it comes down to what else would you fast pass at Epcot? One of the Tier 1’s, Spaceship Earth and then what? May as well be Mission Space IMO, if you definitely plan on riding it…

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Green very well can have long lines. Low height restrictions= more rider’s. Thrill seekers will ride orange. The timid and short will ride green but, fans that love the ride will ride both, since the green is now a different ride.

It’s certainly my plan to ride both!

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August 13th…