Mission Space - green FPP?

if we are planning on doing mission space green, would you still suggest using a fast pass for that or does that line go faster? We are following the EPCOT two day plan but could use the fast pass elsewhere if this one is not necessary.

Not really necessary but if you’re riding anyway and need a tier 2 to burn you may as well

Quite frankly I was not all that impressed with the new theme for Mission Space. Landing on Mars was a thrill while the new Circling the Earth wasn’t all that exciting. We did the Orange as I don’t like getting thrown around so much in my later years. As a kid I am sure I would have been thrilled. If you plan to do Orange don’t waste your FP as it is nearly always no wait in the standby line. Green is iffy but I still wouldn’t waste a FP on it unless as #OBNurseNH says, you just want to use a tier two FP.

And lets be honest - most if not all of the tier 2 do not need FPP :wink:


True enough.

Have you got those the wrong way around? Orange is the one that spins, though I wouldn’t say it threw you around, and goes to Mars. It’s Green that circles the earth and doesn’t really do much.


Could be turned around but I swear green was the easy ride and orange was the spinner. I have never done the spinner ride so I am not sure where it goes. The easy ride used to go to Mars and come to a screeching halt just before going our a cliff on Mars. Now the easy ride travels around the earth and lands on a runway coming to a screeching halt short of a barrier. This was as of Mar 2, 2018,

We had FPP for orange and then walked right on to green to check it out. I’m glad I did green, but still preferred the more intense orange.
And yes, most tier 2 in ep are not needed. We also had spaceship earth and I wondered why.

Yes, that’s green. Orange has always gone to Mars and still does. In your original post you said you had done Orange because it was the easier ride but you have them the right way round now. Green is the non spinning version.

You’ve just repeated what she said :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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This is the confusion. If you don’t like getting thrown around, you would pick green, not orange!

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