Mission Accomplished!

I had a thread a few months back about how I wanted to buy the Mickey’s Paisley Celebration patterned Vera Bradley duffle bag, but they were sold out. It is meant to be a Christmas gift for my wife.

Well, I was finally able to place an order for the large duffle bag today! Woohoo! Should arrive just in time for Christmas! So very excited. I’m CERTAIN my wife will NOT be expecting this.

My only trick is ensuring that I’m home to intercept the delivery. I fear my wife will see the box and immediately know what’s up. Trying to keep it a secret.

For those who care, it looks like this:


Has Mickey and Minnie in the foreground, with the castle kind of hidden in the background.



Happy to see someone in the Christmas spirit!!


I’m EXTREMELY excited about it, since I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull it off. I feared it would remain sold out through the Christmas season…and, well, the truth is, I didn’t have any back up ideas, so if I called today and they were still sold out, I’d have to do some last minute thinking…and my brain doesn’t like that!



What a great gift!

Good job

My wife was totally shocked. She loved it and said if I had paid her $1000 to guess what I got her, she never would have come up with it. So it was a total success!