Missing room pics on TP?

I’m not sure who can answer this. We’ve booked ASMusic for July and would like to stay in building 10 (Calypso) nearest the main building, pool, bus stops, etc. We do have a preferred room reserved; building 10 is one of four preferred room buildings. When I go into TP naps to see the views from rooms in building 10, there are absolutely no pictures-from any building 10 room. There are views from rooms in other buildings, just none from building 10. Any possible explanations or any other sites I could go to in order to see the room views? Thanks!

I assume no one has submitted their pictures from that building.

I don’t know who else has room pictures. The DIS have some but I have no idea how extensive they are or how easy to search. Some of the resorts seem to have info like that on their actual site (wdwinfo), but others are only within forum threads I think. I’m not a member there so can’t see pictures posted in the forums.

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That’s what I assumed as well, but it’s so odd there would be no pictures since it is a preferred building. For every other resort we’ve stayed at and even considered staying at, there are pictures for every room it seems.

That is super weird.

Maybe @len could speak to this?

It’s a bug. We’ll get it fixed. Thanks for sending it in!


We’ve got the photos, but we made a mistake and are not displaying them properly. We’ll get that fixed by noon EST on Saturday, January 4. Thanks for letting us know!

If anyone notices potential technical problems in the future, please “submit a request” via the instructions at https://touringplans.com/contact-us. We will not always notice things mentioned on the forums.


The photos for Building 10 at All-Star Music should work now. Again, I apologize for the issue and thank you for making us aware of it.

I stayed in Building 10 in December. At least parts of it (and maybe all if it) have been renovated to the “new” style with faux-wood laminate floors, a pull-down bed, etc. I was in a Family Suite, but the decor should be similar in the non-suite rooms.

Enjoy your trip!


Thank you so much!

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