Missing MK Fireworks and Show - worth it?

We are at WDW next month and due to the timing of MVMCP, we are not going to be in MK on any night for the normal HEA shows and fireworks. We are doing MVMCP one night so will have that show but after all of the amazing reviews of HEA I feel like I’m missing out on something spectacular with the new projections, etc.

Is it enough of a unique show (we are doing fireworks at all of the other parks once, plus the MVMCP show) to add hopper for the last day of our trip and come back into MK after a day at AK just to catch the show? I don’t mind spending the PH difference for a day to catch it if it is that special compared to the MVMCP experience.

I was hoping to do the Galactic Spectacular but they have no shows listed after Nov 8…ggrrrrrr.


You will have to pay the PH difference for all your days, not just one. Even if you add it to the last day, if you had a five-day ticket you pay five days’ worth.

If you can add PH for one day (never knew this), i think HEA is worth it. Also they will have Jingle Bell, JIngle Bam instead of galactic spectacular, it should be similar.

Thank you for clarifying. I thought you could add it on the last day, like you can extend just one person’s ticket as long as you do it while you are there.

You can add it on the last day, but you will be charged the cost of adding it to the whole length of your ticket.

It means you can leave the decision until even day-of, but also if on an earlier day you think “oh it might be nice to hop to XXX park tonight” you won’t be paying any extra for adding the park hopper for 2 days than 1. Make sense? :slight_smile:

Perfect sense. I don’t know why I had it in my head as otherwise. I know you can extend only some tickets from your party and I was thinking it was the same for PH.

I guess that makes the question even more important, though. We’d have to add PH to our whole trip to be able to take in HEA once. Worth it?

Seems that you would be better off just add a day to your tickets. Going from 5 day to 6 day is only like 20$ more per person I think Can’t you use one day ticket to do park in morning then another days ticket to do park in evening? Have never done this but assume at entry it would just take another day off your ticket. Park hopper for 5 days would be several hundred dollars. Has anyone else done this? It would definitely be the cheaper route

That’s brilliant. I have no idea if that’s possible but yes, it would be way cheaper to get an extra day if they will accept two in one day.

I am not sure if you cAn do it but worth looking into. I would definitely double check. You may would have to buy a single 1 day ticket but still may be cheaper than park hopper

You can’t use different “days” on your multi-day ticket to go into different parks. You need to have Park Hopper. I think park hopper is $59 and a one day ticket is like $110+, so you are still better off with PH.

I just googled it and saw that it was not an option. Oh well it was a good thought. Guess Disney saw that loop hole and closed it. And I thought the poster above meant there was a charge per day for hopper so I was thinking it would be several hundred to do it. Thanks for clarifying.

To answer your question, I thought HEA was by far the best night-time show at WDW. The fireworks were fine, but the projections were stunning. And I personally found the story quite moving and inspiring.

I don’t know what the MVMCP show is like, but the MNSSHP one was pretty poor I thought. Not a patch on HEA.

I am going to jump in here. MVMCP is my favorite party. I love Christmas and everything about the party. What are your other plans? How many days are you in the world? Can you move one of your other parks to the morning if the party to free up a second MK day?

Thanks for the response. We have 2 days in MK plus the MVMCP (we won’t do a park that day, just coming into MK at 4 for the party). I based my park days on the crowd calendar and as such we are in MK only on days that have MVMCP and no HEA. The only way we can hit that show in MK is if I add park hopper, so I’m trying to determine if it’s worth doing so, and hopping after a day at AK, essentially just to get the show in. Otherwise we’ll hit fireworks in EP, HS, AK and at MVMCP but miss HEA. So essentially I guess the question is whether HEA is worth $300 for PH.

We have five park days plus one day with MVMCP and we are doing two MK and one each EP/HS/AK. Just unfortunate that our MK days are MVMCP days, but that was a choice to get crowd levels of 2 and 3.

Have you made your FPs already?

Yes but i can move them around as needed. We are 28 days out.

Then I am going to say it! I ajlways prioritize what I want to do at night. Seeing HEA will always be on that list for me. I can always plan a way to deal with crowds and honestly the crowd patterns have changed so much I would never count on predictions these days. That being said- going to MK any night that there is not a party will be crazy crowded.

By far the best night time show ive ever seen anywhere

We watched fantasmic, illuminations and I want to give some credit to seaworld for putting on a great show as well

I’ve seen the dubai burj al khalifa projections at night as well which were stunning

But I would forego any of the above to watch HEA again

It’s very special

If I were you I would find a way to watch it

I would say it was the highlight of MK for our family

Made even better as we thought we were just getting ready to watch fireworks!!

I would switch your MK days around so that you are there on a non party night and can see HEA. Yes, it’s worth it…and with a good plan, there is not much impact either a difference of one or two crowd levels. So, rather than paying for PH, I’d just switch plans around. And ooops. Wrong reply button.


We just got back from our first WDW visit and HEA was everyone’s absolute favorite thing from the trip! FOP was second. As far as night time shows, we saw MNSSHP fireworks, F!, Star Wars galactic and HEA topped them all!