Missing infant on BOG Reservation for next week

I was just able to grab a reservation for 6 at BOG next week at 6:30pm. I was able to make a reservation for 6 but not 7. We have 7 in our party, including a 3 month old infant.

I’m well aware of the requirement for all guests (infants included) to be part of the reservation but I’m wondering what my chances are of making it through successfully with the infant included? The infant will be held/strapped to mom all night and won’t require a high chair. Again, I understand fire code, all humans must be included, etc. but I’m wondering the realistic probability a CM actually turns us away versus accommodating/making us wait longer for a table.

The alternative is eating at the Wave - so I’m willing to take a calculated risk…

I think you will be fine. Technically I know you are supposed to include the infant in the ADR, but I was in your same situation a few weeks ago. We went to check in and they saw the 3 of us when there were only 2 on the reservation. They asked if we were really a party of 3 and I said yes and they let us in. Now this was for breakfast and I’m not sure what meal you are doing (and if that matters).

You can always call to let them know that there will be an infant.

Not a BOG example - but I had ADR at Akershus for one less person than party which included a two year old and it was not an issue - we showed up said we had six and were seated just fine. (We had 6 people and res was for 5)

When we went in December we had a party of 8, including an 18 month old. The only BOG reservation I could find was to split the party and only if I did 3 at 9:25 and 4 at 10:05. We showed up around 9:15 and I explained that we were 8 with a toddler and could we possibly all eat together at the same time. They let us right in, our whole party and didn’t bat an eye about it.

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