Missed FP+

If you miss one of your FP+ times, can you still book another one after you’ve used your other two (and of course after all the windows have expired), or do you have to use all 3? Just wondering if we don’t time things right and end up missing one, if that will keep us from being able to book a 4th later in the day.

I’m not sure, but if you know you’re not going to make it, you can amend it on the day. I was in a queue as our FP window was coming to an end and amended it while we waited.

I believe the answer is yes if the window for all of your available FPs has closed, per someone that answered a similar question I had asked at one point, but I’d be interested to see what someone that has actually experienced it has to say on the issue.

It has to be either used or expired to get a 4th FPP at a kiosk.

Which is how the Soarin’/TT trick works, as long as all of the fpp scheduled in MDE have been used or the time has expired, you can book the next one. So when you cancel two (online not the app) MDE now only recognizes your allotment as one. Once that one is used, you can book more at the kiosks

Thank you! I had thought about amending it, but for parks that tier attractions, I was hoping our 4th to be a second fp in a tier that only allows you to book one initially. For instance, an evening ride on RnR after booking TSM early in the day. Of course, availability may lock that out anyway, but if it did I could pick another option instead.

I had one expire last year because I changed my mind about wanting to go on the ride and forgot to change the FP+ reservation in the app. I was able to book more but I had to go and get help from a cast member at one of the FP+ stations instead of just being able to do it myself in the app. Hopefully by now they’ve fixed that glitch, but last year it seriously confused the MyMagic App.

Yes, you can book a 4th at a kiosk, so long as you’re past the expiry window for ALL the FPPs (&/or have used the 3rd already).

If I have TT and 2 other rides scheduled, do I need to cancel 2 others before riding TT for the Soaring/TT trick to work? I think I read that elsewhere.