Misc. Questions, Part IV

Hi Friends,
Me again! With more questions rocking around in the ole brain.

  1. I’ve heard from a few people that they feel that the water and sodas at Disney smell like sewer. Has anyone else experienced this?

  2. How does payment through MDE work? You get up to the register and then use your MDE? Magic Band? Credit Card? Help? How does it work?

  3. Magical Express- If we are flying Southwest, we EACH get 2 checked bags/suitcases, one carry-on and one personal item. Not gonna lie- we’re likely checking 2 large suitcases empty just so we can lug stuff home. It’s going to be a lot of bags. Do we get tags for each bag and then trust the Magical Express will deliver them to our room?

  4. Anyone know if Smuggler’s Run will offer rider switch?

  5. Broader-picture question-
    After sitting with paper maps and going over and over and over and over my daily plan and schedule, I’m all set! But now that I have everything all lined up ride-after-ride, how do I also sort of “let go” when we arrive in the park? I don’t want to be the person who says, “NO! We can’t ride that ride that we’re passing right now, even though the line is short and it looks awesome…we have to stick to the plan!” but…I also can see myself being that person.
    My approach for our Daily Plan for now is the following-
    Group extra magic hour rides together (Dumbo, Barnstormer, Nemo, Whinnie Pooh, all in a general areas) and then also group rides around fast pass reservations. For example- If first fast pass is 8:25am for Peter Pan, then right before that ride and right after, list rides like Small World, Pirates of the C, etc. Next fast pass is 11:45am Space Mountain so then I have rides along the way from Peter Pan to Space Mountain (carousel, speedway, etc). I basically followed the map. Is that a fair approach??

Thanks for your help!

The water smells/tastes of sulphur at water fountains. In QS it doesn’t, and I’ve never had any issues with the sodas either.

Do you mean when you are mobile ordering or charging to your room? Mobile orders either use dining credits or charge your credit card. If you want to charge to your room, you tap your magic band and enter your pin.

I’m in the UK, we don’t get ME tags. I think I’ve heard you can ask for extra though if you need them.

If it has a height requirement then definitely. I don’t know if it does but I assume it does.

Because you’ve done lots of planning, it makes it easy to let go in the parks. You know what you’re doing!

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Tap water from fountains is bad, sodas are fine, but i usually dont drink sodas. If u link a cc to magic band/card, u can use it to charge. Thats 1 thing I think Disney IT got right, they never miss an op to take ur money. Ive never had 1 issue in the years ive used the bands and the 2 times i had cards. Ive never used magic express so cant say but ask disney for extra tags. If u cant get them, get those bags at the carousel and bring with u. Well soon b getting A LOT of info on SR so stay tuned. It sounds like ur very prepares for the parks. I like to group things by area, less walking. But if ur by something that peaks ur interest and it has a short wait, u should be fine with a deviation, as long as ur not at the bottom end of a FP, go for it, why not!

We were there in July. We are tap-water-at-home folks, brought our own bottles to the parks, and the only place we found where the water was kind of icky was Magic Kingdom. The water fountains at EP and AK were just fine to us.

Disney’s also got some refillable water bottle stations, so we used those when we could (for example - there’s a station inside Cosmic Ray’s at MK…the water tasted just fine there).

For you last comment…I’d start prepping your family now for that situation. Explain that you’ll pass some rides, but it’s to save time. Set that expectation now so it saves conflict later.

Have a great trip!

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